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If you’ve recently experienced a case of a personal injury, it’s important to make sure that you utilize the expertise of a doctor that can speak to their professional experience and help support your case. Having a medical expert witness to assist your legal team during your case can help evaluate the merits of a case to make sure that your lawsuit is valid and to help add evidence to your claims. Your orthopedic surgeon in Northern California can speak on standards of care, long-term issues, and causes of injuries.

How a Medical Expert Witness Can Benefit You

Your doctor will be able to speak on their years of education and training and be able to explain what the standards are in orthopedic surgical field. If you’ve dealt with an injury due to lack of care or malpractice, they’ll be able to testify in court and back up your case. An expert witness is also someone that understands the medical-legal field and process and has a positive track record for delivering written and oral testimonies that exceed standards.

Most personal injury cases are fairly complex and may not be understood by those who are not Orthopaedic surgeons, which is why it’s important to have an expert witness that your team can call on. An expert witness will be able to answer the questions of whether the personal injury led to an impairment or disability or may require additional care. An expert will also be able to cite medical publications and will usually have more resources to help others understand how malpractice or injury occurred.

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If you’re going through a legal case for personal injury, it’s important to develop a team that can provide you with all the resources and tools that you need. A medical expert witness can assist through an entire case and give you the testimony that you need to possibly win your case. 

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