Understanding Biologics and How They Work

Understanding Biologics and How They Work

Biologics are a breakthrough in medicine and cover a broad range of therapies. Biologics have highly beneficial use in orthopedic medicine. Common biologics used in orthopedic medicine include platelet rich plasma (PRP), stem cell therapy, birth tissue, and certain fat graphs.

Board-certified sports medicine and orthopedic surgeon Michael Klassen, MD, offers the latest advances in orthopedic medicine. Biologics are a significant advancement in orthopedic medicine thanks to their capability to heal damaged tissues. In some cases, treatment with biologics can delay or prevent the need for surgery. Here's what you need to know about Biologics.

Biologics and orthopedic medicine

It's important to know that the term biologics is used differently in other areas of medicine. For example, in allergy and immunology and rheumatology, biologics refer to specific prescription medications made from living organisms. 

Biologics used in orthopedic medicine fall into categories:

The first category of biologic medication, autologous, means that the biologic medicine comes from the patient himself. Allogeneic means the biologic medicine comes from a donor. Biologic medication use in orthopedics is part of regenerative medicine and is commonly referred to as orthobiologics. 

How Biologics help orthopedic issues

Each biologic offers unique benefits for orthopedic injuries and tissues damaged from chronic and acute disease. For example, PRP therapy involves using a patient's own blood to create a highly concentrated serum of platelets injected into damaged joints, tendons, or cartilage to stimulate tissue repair.

Platelets play a vital part of your body’s initial response to tissue damage. They contain proteins and growth factors that help the body form new tissues and repair damage. PRP therapy uses your body’s natural ability to heal damaged tissues. 

Stem cell therapy is another technique that uses a special type of blood cell to heal damaged tissues. 

Biologics are commonly used to treat:

Biologics may also help shorten the healing process from certain injuries, such as muscle strains in athletes. 

Benefits of biologic therapy include pain relief, improved joint function, reduced inflammation, and a reduced need for surgery. Biologic therapy can be used alone or in combination with other therapies. 

To learn more about treatment with biologics, contact the office nearest you to schedule a visit with Dr. Klassen. We have an office in Monterey and Fresno, California. New and existing patients can also book their request online today. 

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